Fatini Prepared Foods Company

Fatini PFC is a chef-owned prepared foods company that opened for business in January 2021. Our name is simply the owner's last name, and an acronym for 'Prepared Foods Company'. The menu includes soups, salads, deli items, and dressings, and can be found by clicking the 'Menu' tab, or viewing our products on one of our marketplaces. For more information on how to order, please visit the 'Order' page. Our social media accounts, additional information, and a contact form may be found on the 'Contact' page. Check out the 'Events' page to see our market schedule and our upcoming events. We're looking forward to the new products we have planned for you in the coming weeks

The chef, the owner, and currently the only employee of Fatini PFC is Bryan Fatini. Bryan has 10+ years of foodservice experience, in a variety of settings including: catering, fine dining, farm-to-table restaurants, and more. In addition, Bryan is an alumni of Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI

We cook & operate out of Hope & Main in Warren, RI

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